Let Dr. Jay and I break down the recommended blood labs, and how to get into "V8" ranges.

V8 Diagnostic.

A direct, no-frills guide, aiming to equip readers with the knowledge and tools needed for peak health and performance and health.

  • Testosterone Focus: Emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy testosterone levels, detailing how they've been declining since the 1940s and the implications for men's health.

  • Insulin Resistance: Extensive coverage on the dangers of insulin resistance, its impact on health, and how to address it effectively.

  • Optimal Lab Values: Challenges the conventional 'normal' lab ranges, advocating for optimal levels for better health outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Blood Labs: Outlines a detailed list of blood tests recommended for a thorough health assessment.

  • An Extensive List Of Functional Drs: We provide an extensive list of functional Drs from around the globe.

  • Action Steps: Provides clear, actionable steps for readers to take control of their health and well-being.

  • PDF downloads: A 24 page PDF and worksheets

  • Video Overview: With several videos to help understand the process of getting back into your prime.

  • Expert Insights: Includes insights and advice from health professionals like Dr. Ken Berry, MD and Dr. Anthony Jay, PhD

Bonus: The Hunter Method

  • Simple Strategy: The Hunter Method offers a straightforward approach to enhancing both physical and mental health, structured across nine distinct levels.

  • PDF downloads: A 23 page PDF and worksheets.

  • Testosterone Focused: Tackles the significant issue of decreasing testosterone levels since the 1940s, providing effective strategies for reversal.

  • Actionable Tactics: Emphasizes practical measures such as hunting for natural foods, leveraging sun exposure, and integrating fasting and sauna detox.

  • Sleep's Critical Role: Stresses the importance of quality sleep, with insights from sleep science experts, and its link to hormone regulation.

  • Morning Routine: Advocates for a disciplined morning to regulate key health markers, vital for maintaining energy and hormonal balance.

  • Nutritional Strategy: Suggests a departure from processed foods and subtly hints at a diet rich in specific nutrients – the details of which might surprise you.

  • Expert Guidance: Features insights from health professionals like Dr Jay about the critical importance of maintaining robust testosterone levels.

  • Customizable Program: Offers an adaptable 9-level program that can be tailored to individual health objectives.

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